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This is the Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd Car Body shop page, we have listed the full address of Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd as well as phone numbers and web site. Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd is in Slough, Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd may offer body repairs on cars and motorbikes and may also offer Car Body Kits.

If you have used Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd before for car body repairs, car body kits, used car body parts or anything that involves car body work be sure to leave a rating or review.

Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd many offer many different services for you car or bike including general maintenance, car body kits, cheap car body parts, car body care, car body work, dint repairs, new / used car bodies and much more.

If you require more information on the Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd car body repair shop then be sure to call Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd or visit their web site if listed.

Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd

460 Bath Road


Phone: 01628 603129

Fax: 01628 660320

No E-Mail Address

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July 17, 2012

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Latest Rainbow Bodyshop Ltd Reviews

* Lori

I was very pleased with the service and quality of repairs i received at Rainbow bodyshop. My Audi R8 looked fantastic when Delivered back to me and i was very impressed that Rainbow are PAS and Audi/VW approved. The staff were all very professional and friendly. I will definatley be using them again for any Insurance or Private work i will be having done in the future. ...

Apr 28, 2010
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I found Rainbow Slough very professional and helpful when my Merceded slk was in for repairs. I also looked into their qualifications and was pleased to discover that they have the highest possible approval being the BRITISH STANDARDS PAS 125 KITEMARK APPROVAL wich only a handful of garages in the UK have managed to gain. The staff at Rainbow are all Thatcham and ATA Accredited which again was re assuring for me. I can only assume all moaners and groaners on the page have got too much time on there hands!!!!!!!!...

Apr 28, 2010
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* Maxwell

These guys are obviously geared up for insurance work only, they were on the phone as soon as they were called by the insurers but since then they have failed to provide the quote for additional work I requested, and failed on 3 occassions to call as they promised and provide a update on a completion date for the works, unless you keep on top of things you will have no idea what is going on here. Not great if you are a private customer...

Nov 27, 2009
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I found Rainbow bodyshop not only extremely helpful but also very proffesional in their approach. They made a very difficult time for me much easier than i ever expected. My pride and Joy ( Mercedes amg ) was returned to my house and the repairs were carried out to a very high standard. Rainbow are a Kitemarked PAS approved Garage which gave me peace of mind....

Oct 1, 2009
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* Greenoaks Slough


Aug 5, 2009
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* Victim

Same old story, nothing but delays and excuses. Quoted 2 weeks, took 6 weeks before car was drivable. Car came out with damage that wasnít there when it went in. Either they are incompetent or they just donít give a damn. Itís probably both. If you have a choice, then STAY CLEAR OF THESE GUYS AT ALL COSTS....

Jul 17, 2009
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* simon

complete bunch of cowboys. they damaged nearly every panel on my car when it was in their care!!! burnt the inside trim which took another 12 weeks to sort out damaged rear windscreen which had to be replaced. car only went in to repair passenger door and rear panel.all in all they are rubbish!...

Jul 1, 2009
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* shirley

Rainbow bodyshop is the best garage i have ever used, the staff are very friendly and good looking, appart from james. my fiat pand now looks the part and drives like a dream and thanks to rainbow i feal like no1 in my car. after reading these reviews i think you should all get a life rainbow bodyshop offer a excelant service. ...

Apr 10, 2009
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* Selina

I have to agree with the time delay issue. Once again another insurance job. Left the car with them for about two week and no estimate was giving.Got my car bk yesturday and only half the work had been done. Not happy!! Rainbow Body shop also help their self to my cds and now have cds missing from the car! Not happy with the service atall. Stay well clear from this place......

Aug 31, 2008
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My insurance company towed my vehicle from the scene of the accident to these cowboy's and I've had nothing but trouble ever since. The first time they returned my vehicle, the first thing I noticed was some additional damage, so they took back the vehicle and fixed it. Then when they re-delivered my vehicle the steering wheel was jumping around at speed, the tracking was out, the headlight bracket had been glued together, the bumper had been scraped and not fitted correctly, the car now bottoms out over speed ramps, the o/s wheel sticks out further from the wheel arch than the n/s. On top of all this they tried to tell me I've got clutch judder, funny never had that before, they tried telling me I had a flat spot on one of my alloys, funny didn't have that before either, plus I've noticed more damage to the vehicle, which they are now claiming wasn't them. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR, STAY WELL CLEAR OF RAINBOW, if you like your car....

Aug 20, 2008
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* Tory

I have to agree with the time delay issue. Once again another insurance job. Left the car with them for about a week and no estimate given. When I went and demanded my car back the smashed window had barely been covered, car was vary damp and there was a brand new scrape across my bumper! Strongly suggest avoiding this bodyshop at all costs as they appear to not care about the customer or the car and on top of this lied to the insurance company. In my case they told the insurance company the estimate had been sent off - when I got there it hadn't even been looked at. I just hope posting here saves at least one person the effort, stress and cost this poor excuse for service caused me....

Jul 29, 2008
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* Donald McDowdy

I have to agree with Matt. I have no complaint about the actual quality of the work carried out but it took twice as long as they first estimated, and as Matt says they never call you to let you know what is going on, even when they promise they will. When you phone them they just seem to tell you what they think you want to hear, even when they must know otherwise. I can only mark 'Price' as average because it was an insurance job and I have no idea what it cost nor have any basis for comparison....

Jun 23, 2008
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* Matt

Well I couldn't agree less with Martin. These guys overpromise and underdeliver. They say they'll get the car date on a day and it's not. Then you need to chase them up because they don't call you back. Worse garage I've had to deal with for a long time. These guys have a lot of insurance companies giving them business so I guess don't really care......

Jun 4, 2008
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* Martin

Rainbow repaired the rear of my Sorento. Their service is the best of any garage I've used in 40 years of driving. Friendly, professional, helpful - excellent. The repair is top notch as well. Insurance job so I can't comment on the price, but if you want great service, go to Rainbow....

May 24, 2008
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